Asseco software company has become the main provider of IT technologies, similarly as it was for YOUPLUS Czech Republic and Slovakia. After almost a year of implementation work, YOUPLUS launched the Insurance out of the Box (IooX) platform, which covers the insurer's front-end and back-office services.
„The European expansion of Youplus continues. Together with our existing Youplus management team, newly hired Austrian insurance experts and our partners SwissLife Select and Asseco we further developed our platform solution. Once again it showed that together with our partners we are able to enter new markets and launch innovative solutions within 12 months. Special thanks to Asseco for their ongoing support and engagement in the European Youplus development.“, said Mr Martin Vogl, Chairman of Youplus Insurance International AG.
„Together with YOUPLUS, we continue on their path of expansion as a strategic IT partner. I am convinced that our first successful implementation of insurance software in a German-speaking country is only the beginning of further progress in these countries.", said Krzysztof Bondyra, Director of the Insurance Unit of Asseco Central Europe.
The solution supports online conclusion of life insurance policies via brokerage network. In the next period, the expansion of the YOUPLUS distribution network is expected, which for us as Asseco means further work related to the integration of sales portals into the IooX platform.
The platform is provided as SaaS (software as a service) by hardware infrastructure from Asseco and integrates several third-party solutions supporting the digitization of insurance business processes. The front-end part of the IooX platform is equipped among others with technologies supporting vector / digital signature and OCR (optical character recognition).
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