Insurance suite
Software company Asseco Central Europe has concluded another cooperation agreement with Youplus Insurance International AG, a Liechtenstein insurance company, for the next four years. The agreement they have signed represents a continuation of the successful partnership focusing on provision of IT solutions on the Platform as a Service (PaaS) basis intended for the new life insurance companies established and operating under the brand name Youplus in Slovakia and Czech Republic.
The Asseco CE company ranks among leaders in the area of technological innovations and development of modern IT solutions for the digital insurance segment. Thanks to the IooX – Insurance out of the Box solution, which supports highly flexible paperless processing and digital insurance activities, the company provides Youplus Insurance International AG insurance company with a full-scale software solution for all front-end and back-office requirements. The front-end part of the solution which supports automated processes, including medical UW tool integration, has been developed with close cooperation with Youplus as tailor-made tool which fits to specific local market needs. The company´s aim is to expand gradually in German speaking countries and Asseco CE´s technological solutions will support those efforts.
”Together with Asseco, our strategic IT partner, we launched in 2019 our Youplus life insurance solution in CZ. After the very successful launch in CZ we also launched Youplus in 2020 in SK.
Despite the ongoing Corona crisis, we decided to extend our Youplus new business activities also into the German speaking countries of Europe and further invest into our digital capabilities. This long-term agreement with Asseco enables our partnership to further strengthen our insurance platform with cutting edge IT solutions and enlarge our footprint in Europe.” Martin Vogl, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Youplus Insurance International AG stated.
“The agreement we have signed represents a strategic partnership between Youplus insurance company and Asseco and our role is to secure implementation of the IooX – Insurance out of the Box solutions for Youplus insurance company´s branches newly established in German-speaking countries (Austria, Germany and Switzerland),” Jozef Klein, CEO and chairman of the Board of Directors of Asseco Central Europe, said.
The strategic partnership with the Youplus International Insurance AG represents further evidence of the continuing process of insurance digitization and will accelerate online processes and services.
“Thanks to the technical solutions from Asseco we can support our clients in achieving their business goals. Both agents and clients can communicate with the insurance company during their whole customer journey exclusively electronically, i.e. “fully digitally”, via very attractive user environment built on responsive user experience design,” Krzysztof Bondyra, Insurance Business Unit Director, Asseco Central Europe, concluded.

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